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What We Do So You’re Always on Top

With Your TFI Membership, You’ll Always be Among the First to Know About the Latest, Most Effective Problem Solving Strategies

We keep a constant watch on what’s happening in the U.S. district courts and the U.S. Tax Court when it comes to taxpayers’ rights issues and problems resolution strategies. We watch the IRS for changes in regulations, revenue procedures, IRS manual provisions, enforcement initiatives and other administrative guidance. We constantly update the information you need to deal with the agency so you can effectively represent your clients in every area of tax law enforcement, including,

  • Audits and appeals,
  • Collection enforcement such as liens, levies and seizures,
  • Collection defense matters such as installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, innocent spouse claims and Collection Due Process appeals,
  • Correspondence problems including error and adjustment notices,
  • Penalties and interest assessments and abatements,
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions,
  • Tax-motivated bankruptcies,
  • Civil and criminal administrative summons defense and enforcement issues,
  • Procedural issues for the US district courts and the US Tax Court,
  • Small business audit and collection issues,
  • Tax shelter enforcement,
  • Employment tax issues, including assessments and appeals related to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty,
  • Independent contractor disputes,
  • Administrative and judicial refund and abatement claims,
  • Mediation and Arbitration issues both within the IRS and the US Tax Court,
  • Recovery of professional fees and costs, and more.

We also watch Congress for tax and other legislation that has an impact on how you deal with your clients. Examples include,

  • Omnibus revenue reconciliation laws,
  • Tax reform measures,
  • Financial compliance and information reporting laws,
  • Bankruptcy legislation and how it impacts collection defense, etc.

Congress passes tax legislation at an ever-faster rate. Even worse, the scope of each legislative package gets broader all the time. During the decade of the 1980s, Congress passed a major tax package about once every three or four years. During the 1990s, Congress passed such a package nearly every year. In just the three years from 1996 to 1998, three major tax acts were passed that affected more than 1,200 Internal Revenue code sections and subsections. This included the massive Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act.

During the decade of the 2000s, we see major tax measures enacted more than once per year.

Your TFI membership brings you real time updates on trends in enforcement directly from Dan Pilla and our professional members. You’ll get feedback on the strategies that work and those that don’t, what to expect from the IRS in any situation and expert input from some of the nation’s top tax professionals with experience in every area of tax law enforcement and administration, both within the IRS itself and in the courts.

Never again will you have to speculate about how to handle a given situation. You’ll have the confidence to handle any situation you face. Even if you’re a highly experienced tax professional, you’ll benefit from our team of professionals that include:

  • Accounting and return preparation experts,
  • Practitioners with expertise in audits and appeals,
  • Tax Court litigators,
  • Criminal defense attorneys and
  • Bankruptcy attorneys.

Do you agree that these are important assets to have on your side? Then Join TFI Now to become a member of our team. We’ll help you navigate the muddy and dangerous waters tax law enforcement.

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