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Consistent with the Tax Freedom Institute’s mission to provide top quality education to its members in order that they may effectively deal with any kind of IRS problem, we expect our professional members to actively engage on an ongoing basis with TFI and its membership in the learning process. This means that our members are expected to study the research material offered by TFI, including the books, special reports and newsletters written by Dan Pilla. TFI members are expected to participate in our periodic teleconferences, Webinars and the Taxpayers’ Defense Conference, our annual convention. Our annual “members only” business meeting is held prior to this conference and members are expected to attend the business meeting.

We strongly encourage our members to participate in our “members only” chat room where ideas and success stories are shared with the group. We encourage the posting of questions and experiences in tax resolution matters as well as the posting of responses to those submitted by other members. This is one way our entire membership shares in the knowledge, experience and success of each of our individual members and one of the key reasons TFI is remarkably different from any other tax professional association.

Another way we share information is through our newsletter, Pilla Talks Taxes. TFI Consulting Members have the opportunity to submit articles for publication in the newsletter. We encourage the submission of articles that will help our membership achieve the goals of top quality client representation in the areas that we focus on.

From time to time, our members phone other members who are known to have extensive experience in a given area of tax law or IRS procedure. This practice is encouraged. TFI also encourages the establishment of referral and consulting arrangements with one another.


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IRS To Limit How Much It Will Seize

A common question with delinquent citizens is whether the IRS can levy social security benefits. The answer, unfortunately, is yes they can, and worse, they do so regularly. Before intercepting an SS payment, the IRS generally sends notice CP91, Final Notice Before Levy On Social Security Benefits. This letter informs you of the impending levy and invites you to call the IRS to set up payments if you cannot pay in full. 

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