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From its inception, the Tax Freedom Institute has had two specific elements of its mission.
They are, 1) the education of its members and 2) the marketing of their services to the public.


The educational efforts of the Tax Freedom Institute focus specifically upon taxpayers’ rights issues, IRS abuse prevention and cure and problems resolution. TFI deals with the issues that cause enforcement problems for millions of Americans every year. Many of our members are tax return preparers, accountants and bookkeepers. And while they have special skills and training in those areas, they look to TFI to provide essential education in the critical areas of tax law enforcement. This makes our professional members more valuable to their clients.

Our focus is on the enforcement aspects of tax law. We deal with audits, appeals, penalty and interest assessments, Collection Due Process appeals, refund claims, computer notices, innocent spouse issues, collection matters including offers in compromise, tax related bankruptcies and all other enforcement issues.

Our educational material is written by Dan Pilla. It forms the basis of what every tax professional must know to effectively represent clients in trouble with the IRS. Pilla literally “wrote the book” on penalty abatement, offers in compromise, discharging income taxes in bankruptcy and audit defense. His book, The IRS Problem Solver, was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the number one tax book in America.

His techniques are sound, based squarely upon the law and most importantly, they work. The procedures Dan teaches are the kind of thing you simply do not get any place else. We receive a steady stream of testimonial letters from attorneys, accountants and enrolled agents who have used Dan’s materials with great success. James Chase, attorney and TFI Member, writes that he would “highly recommend a set of these books for any attorney, certified public accountant or other professional who represents clients before the IRS.” Attorney Gerald McNally claims that Dan’s books should constitute “‘standard tech’ for dealing with the IRS.”

One key element of our educational program is the periodic telephone conference calls and Webinars we provide to our members. Dan identifies a cutting-edge issue that our members need to know about now and presents a telephone seminar on that topic. Knowing that tax pros can’t afford to wait for important information on new developments, Dan keeps you on top of your game. And, there’s no additional charge for our telephone seminars.

Steven Klitzner, attorney and Consulting Member of TFI, says this about one of Dan’s telephone conferences:

I enjoyed your recent teleseminar on The Offer in Compromise Fraud Referral Program. It was current, insightful and, as usual, put the Tax Freedom Institute Members ahead of the rest of the Tax Problem Resolution industry. Your outline is great and something that I will be able to refer to in the future. You should know that the American Bar Association recently had a one-hour teleseminar on Offers in Compromise. The differences in the two highlight the value of being a member of the Tax Freedom Institute. Your presentation: Cutting-edge. The other presentation: Basic. Your presentation: More than one hour with questions and discussion. The other presentation: One hour, no questions. Cost of your presentation: $0 for members. Cost of the other presentation: $299. Thank you for adding even more value to my membership and helping me give my clients the representation they deserve.

Each year, our Taxpayers’ Defense Conference draws professionals from around the nation who become informed and inspired by Dan’s live presentations on the latest nuances in IRS procedures and taxpayers’ rights.

Of our conference, Paul Tom, attorney and TFI Consulting Member writes, “At most CLE seminars, I can hardly stay awake. I sure don’t have that problem at the TFI Conference. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to apply all of the timely information we received.” Mr. Tom goes on to state that while he missed one TFI seminar, “Believe me, I won’t miss another one.”

Each year, we provide up to thirty CPE credits based upon Dan’s books, newsletter articles, special research reports and our Taxpayers’ Defense Conference, which is generally worth about twelve hours of CPE credit. The Taxpayers’ Defense Conference is approved annually for CPE/CLE credit by the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Marketing TFI and its Members

The Tax Freedom Institute is a professional association with a truly national presence. Each year, we spend thousands of dollars on national radio advertising for the Institute and its members. Our ads are carried on hundreds of radio stations nationwide. In addition, Dan talks about TFI on hundreds of radio and TV talk shows every year. People want help with their tax problems and want to know where they can find a tax pro who “knows what Dan Pilla knows” about dealing with the IRS. Our TFI members fit that description.

We also market TFI through direct mail solicitations to WINNING Publications’ book buyers. Each person buying one of Dan’s books is in need of some help with the IRS. Many need a tax pro to successfully walk them through the procedures and strategies they read about in Dan’s books.

Annually, we mail thousands of copies of our brochure entitled, “Guide to Hiring a Tax Professional” directly to people seeking help with a tax problem. Each week throughout the year, Dan talks directly with people facing IRS problems. These conferences are held over the phone in conjunction with the consultation service offered by Dan personally. When these people ask for reference to a tax pro in their area, they are given the name of the nearest TFI Consulting Member. Through this process, Dan and Winning Publications give out hundreds of referrals for our Consulting Members each year.

Our newsletter Pilla Talks Taxes is distributed monthly to subscribers throughout the nation. At least twice per year, we publish in that newsletter a complete list of all our Consulting Members. The members are listed by state so newsletter subscribers can quickly find the Consulting Member nearest them for any help they may need.

The WINNING Publications website, presents outlines of Dan’s books, a current article about the IRS and the names, addresses and phone numbers of all our Consulting Members. Dan mentions the site in all his radio shows and it appears on WINNING Publications marketing materials.

For years, TFI has had a close relationship with the National Taxpayers Union. Dan has worked side by side with leaders at NTU, in testimony before Congress on important IRS issues as well as with the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS. In addition, Dan writes occasionally for NTU’s newsletter, Tax Savings Report, which broadly distributed to thousands of NTU supporters. When NTU is contacted by any of its supporters or others seeking help with an IRS problem, they refer those people to our TFI Consulting Members. TFI is constantly working to develop similar relationships with other consumer groups both inside and outside Washington, D.C.

Each year, TFI and WINNING Publications co-sponsor several public seminars. These seminars are promoted extensively by WINNING Publications. As a result, attendance could be several hundred, as in the case of one Los Angeles seminar, or, it could be more than one thousand, as was the case of a New York City seminar. The seminars are presented to the public as a means of learning more about taxpayers’ rights and solving IRS problems. Our TFI Consulting Members are invited to participate with Dan in the question and answer workshops held in connection with those seminars. This way, they are able to meet and introduce themselves to citizens in need of professional help.


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