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How You Can Be a Winner with Tax Freedom Institute

With the IRS Heating up, Here’s How You Can be Indispensable to Your Clients

You’re a tax or financial professional because you want to help your clients save money, right? You want them to rest in the confidence that they’ll not be taken advantage of, don’t you? And you want the personal assurance that you can win when the chips are down. That’s why the Tax Freedom Institute is for you. Your membership in TFI gives you the confidence that you’ll be a winner for your clients regardless of the challenge. Your membership gives you the assurance that you can deliver high quality, creative and accurate advice that will save you time and your clients’ money in any kind of tax case. I’m sure you’ll agree that this will make you indispensable to your clients.

The Tax Freedom Institute, Inc. (TFI) is a national association of tax and financial professionals. Our mission is to help our professional members deliver the top-quality, winning tax and financial representation that the American public so desperately needs. We do this by providing our professional members with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research, insight, experience and personal guidance on IRS defense issues available in the industry. This gives our members the best possible chance of winning the most for their clients in any situation.

Here’s your opportunity to make yourself the kind of advocate that’s indispensable to your clients. Here’s your chance to have personal access to the best resources available for helping your clients face the mountain of challenges posed by IRS compliance. For a personal message from TFI founder and director, Daniel J. Pilla just click the video image of Dan Pilla at the top of this page.

Your TFI membership immediately puts you in touch with Dan Pilla and other top tax professionals who’ve been down every road when it comes to dealing with tax problems. Simply put, we’ve seen every kind of tax case you can imagine—and a few you can’t. With your TFI membership, you have immediate access to that education, knowledge and experience at two important levels.

First, you’re able tap into this extensive experience and insight at a personal level through personal consultation directly with Dan Pilla, as well as our individual members. One of the key benefits of your TFI membership is your ability to interact directly with Dan and each of our members. Through our "members-only" e-mail chat room, you’re able to get exclusive help and guidance on any kind of question directly from those who’ve been there before.

Second, you have immediate access to our exclusive library reference materials. This includes Special Research Reports written by Dan Pilla, our monthly newsletter, Pilla Talks Taxes, periodic telephone conference calls with Dan Pilla personally, Webinars and our Taxpayers’ Defense Conference archive outline materials.

Combined, these invaluable resources put you in position to settle every case faster and more favorably. You are now equipped to solve any problem for every client. You’ll use these assets time after time, case after case, client after client. All of this is yours at a very reasonable annual membership fee and the increased value you’re able to offer your clients will more than pay that fee.

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